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The Alchemy Collections project is a retail design venture for a new high-end home furnishing and décor store situated in downtown Seattle. The space occupies a two-story volume on the ground level of a high-rise building and was provided in an unfinished "shell and core" condition. The program and design directive aimed to establish a retail experience aligned with the Alchemy brand, incorporate a mezzanine level to optimize available floor area for sales, and integrate design-provocative elements like the centrally located stair and koi pond to attract shoppers into the store.  Interior materials are plain sawn walnut, blackened cold rolled steel, glass and polished concrete floors.

Project name: Alchemy Collections

Project type: Commercial retail initial tenant improvement

Building area: 4,128sf (including mezzanine)

Consultants: SSF Engineers (structural), Candela (Lighting), Company K (steel fabricator)

General Contractor: Schuchart Corporation

Photography: Ben Benschneider

Completed: 2006

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