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Located on the top floor of a three story, pre-W.W.II, brick building in the lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, this interior remodel involves the transformation of two existing apartment units into one large, open dwelling space. 


The client is a young bachelor who lives both in Seattle, Washington and Missoula, Montana. He requested that the overall living spaces be open and uncluttered, with adequate built-in storage.  The existing interior partitions and dropped ceilings were removed to create a “great room” consisting of living, dining and kitchen areas with high ceilings.  A clerestory “pop-up” with windows was added to accommodate a new mezzanine level and to bring natural light and ventilation into the sleeping area. The changing area and bathroom can be closed off for privacy by a three-panel, 12-foot high, sliding pocket door.


The mezzanine floor system was built using recycled Douglas-fir heavy-timber posts and beams with a vertical grain fir veneer, tongue and groove fir decking, and custom stainless steel brackets. A new steel spiral stair and guardrail was custom fabricated, and finished to match the stainless steel post and beam brackets. All built-in casework, wall veneer panels, and finish floors are vertical-grain fir; countertops are African mahogany veneer and maple butcher-block.

Location: Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, WA

Scope: Full interior remodel with mezzanine addition

Building Area: 1,400sf (including mezzanine)

Completed: 1995

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